Strengthen your core

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All my life I have had a svelte figure. I have known no other body structure…..that is…. until this pandemic hit!

Mid 2020 I was planning for my wedding and struggling with sudden weight gain due to months of inactivity. Looking back, it really wasn’t that big of a deal….I still looked great. But in my head, it was a very big deal.

Fast forward to 2022 and you guys….ya girl is still struggling. My main issue of course is my stomach area. It causes me so much anxiety and frustration! I have literally stopped wearing certain dresses because I no longer like how they fit me. I am not used to this new body!!

Which is the reason why, for this new year, I have been pushing to workout and eat healthier. I am so serious. It has not been easy but consistency is the key. I have not been seeing immediate results but that is not going to sway me! I will reach my end goal!!

Sounds alot like what is going on in my spiritual life right now too…….come to think of it. I have goals that I hope to reach. There are things that I am praying that God will do. And through it all I feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit that faith is what is needed.

Faith, essentially, will represent my core and it needs to be strengthened:

  1. Through a determined mind to trust God despite what I see or hear.
  2. Through consistent practice of believing what the Word of God says and not what my mind or someone else says.
  3. Through my acts of humble service despite how I feel.

Having faith sure seems to be alot like working out! We don’t always feel like doing it, but we know that it is beneficial to our health (spiritually) and so we must try to exercise it (see what I did there 😁). Maybe all I really need for my physical struggle as well is to accept who God says that I am and not what my eyes are seeing. Yes, keeping my body healthy is important but so is my mental and spiritual health!

I am gonna try to work on it.

Onward to a year of accomplishing goals and growing in our faith! How has January been for you guys?!


    1. You’re welcome Jeanine! 😊 I will be honest and say that this particular post is one that I continue to come back to because in this season I really need the reminder as well 🙌. Glad it blessed you as well!


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