Good God

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I got inspired to bare my heart and write this post after reading a beautiful and powerful blog post from Jordan Smith (please be sure to check it out here).

It literally brought me to tears because I too am grieving a personal loss. It may not be of the same nature but the news shook my world about a week and a half ago and I am still trying to recover.

I recently experienced a group of persons choose to leave the church that I attend.

Wow….writing those words makes it so difficult because now….I have to face the fact that it happened. People that I still view as my family, persons that I love and miss dearly, are now ……sigh.

The pain, the anger, and the confusion that I have felt is inexplicable! It felt the same as losing my little sister. Exactly the same. Maybe because I loved them the same.

I loved and respected them.

Turmoil. That is what these past few days have been. I am mentally exhausted from trying to figure this whole thing out! And really, isn’t that exactly what we try to do? We try to logically line up in our minds the reason for something happening.

But what if we’re not supposed to?

What if right here, in the middle of this mess, God is at work? As Jordan said in her blog – If it’s not good, God is not done. And it sure didn’t feel good when I received the news!

But God truly works in mysterious ways.

Right in the middle of this situation – the very week that it happened – God did some really miraculous things in my life. He blessed my husband and I with a large sum of (very unexpected) money! Then we went to view an apartment the next day and knew right then that this was where God wanted us to move to. Immediately! I am talking 5 days later we were fully relocated to this new place.

Talk about a crazy week!

And right now as I lay on my bed in my bigger, much more comfortable bedroom, I can’t help but wonder why He gave us such astronomically great news and heart wrenching bad news all at the same time.

Why show us His ability to do the impossible at a time when the seemingly unimaginable was happening?

I guess, to give us hope.

Hope of things turning around for good, even though I don’t understand it. Hope that He is still the Alpha and Omega and able to do what no man can imagine. Can He fix it? Sure He can!! Will He do it? I don’t know.

But I do know that God is good. No matter the situation. Whatever you may be facing right now – whether you feel alone or rejected, confused, heartbroken, lost or in the midst of despair – I implore you to hold on to the author and finisher of your faith.

He alone has the answers that you need. And even if you don’t get the answer right away, trust that no matter what you are facing – He can work it out for good.

Have a blessed week and please be sure to read Jordan’s blog! You won’t regret it. ❤

Exerpt from Jordan Smith blog post ‘He’s not done’

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