The light….

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We are a light, shining in the midst of the darkness…..

In my last post I wrote about an experience I had in which my entire country had a blackout for several hours. That encounter really put darkness into perspective for me because it made me realize the importance of appreciating the dark seasons of our lives as well as the light. Check it out here.

Well, what I didn’t share was that during the night instead of complaining about the heat (no fan or a/c y’all!!) and sulking our way to bed, my husband and I sang songs of worship to God.

Yup! My husband pulled out his keyboard (which can run on batteries) and played some songs that he had been practicing for weeks now. And we had a powerful time of worship…..just us, under candlelight in our bedroom. It was amazing.

While we sang, I couldn’t help but think that this could have been how Paul and Silas felt while they were locked up in that jail cell. Surrounded by darkness and maybe the faint glimmer of a candlelight somewhere afar off. But the darkness of the situation and the prison cell could not hold back their praise! They worshipped God!!!!

I imagine it as if they sang to the top of their lungs with joy overflowing in their hearts the more the words poured out of them. They worshipped God in the darkness.

Then, the chains broke off them, and the prison doors swung open! God showed up in the midst of their trial…..because they chose to change their perspective about their situation. They became beacons of light in the midst of a jail cell filled with darkness and the jailer along with his family received salvation because of it!

SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Shine it bright for all to see. Shine it in the midst of the darkness of this world.

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