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Yesterday I decided to make the time to wash my hair.

For anyone who has natural curly hair, they know that washing our hair takes work! We usually have to prepare our minds to do it because of how long it takes. Sigh. After making that decision, I also figured I might as well deep condition it as well. My hair really was in need of some TLC! So I pulled out the packet of Cantu Bentonite Clay mask and got started.

I squeezed the product out and plopped it into the top of my hair, trying to work it to the ends but the mask just kept sitting there instead of seeping into my strands. “What am I doing wrong?” I wondered. And for the first time ever I thought “Maybe I should read the instructions?”

It read –

‘Start from ends and work up to roots’

That’s why it wasn’t working!! Sheesh! Lol I followed the instructions and you guys……my hair looks so luscious and healthy right now 😁

My curls!

While continuing the task of washing my hair however, I began to think about Moses and the reason why he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land : He didn’t follow instructions.

Moses lost out on a blessing despite serving God faithfully for years…..all because he didn’t follow God’s instructions. Which makes me wonder – what about us?!! Am I currently in the will of God for my life? Am I following His divine instructions?

Are you?

Following God’s instructions many times is crucial in us getting the result that we are hoping for. 🙌❤

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