The Navigator

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Sometime last month, while on our vacation, my husband and I were driving through Tobago looking for a gas station. I had the map up on Google Maps and was directing my husband while he drove. I could clearly see that the destination was coming up and I verbally told him so, but I failed to let him know that the location would be on the left so that he could look out for it. So sure enough, he passed it straight!

I of course was upset because clearly you could have seen the gas station when it appeared but I had to admit that I had not directed him properly. So He wasn’t ready when he came to it.

Isn’t life like that sometimes? If we try to go through life with limited navigation, we miss God’s intended destinations for us on many occasions. God is much better at giving directions than I am! Therefore if we let HIM navigate us, the outcome would be much different and much better.

God is like Google Maps for us in this world. He knows every step we should take as well as every turn and every stop. He sees the entire journey for each of us but it is up to us to let Him direct us.

I for one, have been noticing that there are many areas of my life that I do not let God navigate. I guess I feel that I can handle them myself. But is that God’s plan for me? Am I doing it the way God wants me to do it? My finances for example. Whenever I need money, I know to pray to God as my Provider. But should I not also seek His guidance on how to spend the money that He provides? That part is my struggle.

I need to try a little harder to surrender every area of my life to Him. That way. I won’t miss my destination. 🙌😊 Hope this blesses and encourages you to do the same!

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