Pay attention to your expectations

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Some Sundays ago, I had to lead worship at my church. This was not my first time leading, but this time I went into it with a different perspective. I keenly remember God telling me “Do not lower your expectations”. Our head Apostle was not in service that Sunday and for some reason I had automatically lowered my expectation of how the service would go. But God called me out on it!

Have you ever done that? Perhaps you looked around at the team you were assigned to at work/school and figured “Yup, this is gonna be a rough project”. But what if you being part of the team, means that it’s going to be successful?!

I have come to realize that, many times, I underestimate the power of God within me. Which makes no sense because God Almighty – the God who created us all – has placed His Spirit within us. So really is there anything that cannot work out for our good? Is there any battle we cannot face and win?!

God wanted me to trust Him, obey and let Him do the rest. And that is exactly what I did that day. I put my heart and soul into that time of worship and God showed up in a mighty, mighty way! I mean, people were getting deliverance and no one had touched them! It was mindblowing.

But first, it took me choosing not to lower my expectations. God told me “I can use ANYBODY”. And I am sharing that with you today. God can use anybody! Including you. And there is no limit to what He can use you to do either! So stop limiting Him, stop limiting yourself, and don’t lower your expectations. šŸ˜Šā¤

God bless!

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